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Why not? Steel has proven itself to be a long lasting construction material that is impervious to weather, bugs, termites, and the strain of time. It is proven to be a cost effective material in the construction of major building as well as other structures like bridges, control towers, airports, hangers, shopping centers, and high rise residential condominiums or offices.

In an earthquake, steel structures are designed to flex and move with the roll of the ground. There are several documented cases where a steel framed building has stood during an earthquake while masonry or wood structures lacking steel reinforcement or supports, have failed.

A steel high rise will move several feet in severe weather without the occupants even knowing that it is moving. The structures movement does not affect the glass, doors, elevators, or the occupants.

Have you looked at a bridge to see what it is made of? What about the new luxury liners that travel our oceans. Each of these is designed and constructed out of steel for the safety of the occupants, the life cycle costing of the same materials, and the flexibility of the material and the ability of the steel to meet the demands of the designers.

Structural steel is the backbone or skeleton of all major construction projects. At Murphy Building Corporation, we have been responsible for millions of square feet of robust steel structures, that support the exterior beauty of the mirrored glass walls and the ornamental concrete columns.

In other words, steel should be considered the timeless alternative to normal construction methods; Steel – Weather won’t rot it; bugs can’t eat it; fire won’t burn it; time won’t destroy it. Why shouldn’t your next project offer the quality, flexibility and cost savings of steel.
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