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Each project should be evaluated for what the owners and designers hope to accomplish with the building or the project. Once that has been determined, the use of material that meets the needs of the designers should be evaluated with the owners budget and end use in mind.

No matter what you put on the walls or what is planned for the inside, can you say for certain that later on, that office, or that warehouse, or that manufacturing space will be big enough or too big or just not useful in its present form?

With steel you can have a clear span building that can be 300’ wide or more. No center post means no design restrictions. Later if you need to move or modify an interior wall, you can do so without worrying about the structural integrity of the building.

Steel goes up faster and reduces the time for construction. This means that the construction loan will not be as long and you will have your operation under way in less time. Time is money and steel construction saves you both in the cost of material and in the time it takes to get your job completed.

Steel roofing has been shown as having the lowest life cycle costing of any material used in today’s construction market. While initial costs are higher than the average, cost over 20 years or more prove to be significantly less than other forms of construction. Fewer repairs, less call backs, less lost time and less damage from leaking roofs. Developers that only have to warranty a project for one year will use the least expensive material available to them. Owners have the right to expect more than the minimum and wise owners look toward steel for the long-term answers.

Today’s steel buildings can be insulated up to an R-45 value and that makes the use of air conditioning in the desert an after thought. Insulated steel panels have long been used for industrial freezers. Now, with the advent of more architecturally pleasing materials offering reveals, shadow lines, simulated stucco, or aggregate, the steel panel has come to the forefront for all progressive designers.

In summary:
  1. Cost of material is less
  2. Design flexibility allows for alterations for years to come.
  3. Time of construction is reduced
  4. Life cycle costing reduces long-term investment cost
  5. Ability to insulate to higher than normal requirements means that cost of heating and cooling will be immediately reduced. In addition, less equipment is required to heat and cool the same size space as conventional construction.
The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
- Author unknown but possibly someone who learned an important lesson about initial cost.
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