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12403 Central Ave. #336
Chino, CA 91710
Phone: (909)591-6034
Lic#: B 797898

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Hawthorne Airport
Tipping Facility
Show Ring Building
Multi Purpose Bldg.
Vehicle clean room
Office & storage
Church/phase one
Water Station
Beaumont Maint.
Methane Gas Product
Maint. Facility
2 story steel res.
Pump House
Manuf. Facil.
Auto Dealership
Fluoride Removal
Manuf. Facil.
Manuf. Facil.
Church Sanctuary
Recycle Facility
Hawthorne Airport
Recycle Wood Prod.
Antelope Valley Fair
Del Mar Fairgrounds
Bill & Wags Towing
Quinn shepherd Mach
Hillside Church
City of Chino
Riverside County
Calif. High. Patrol
Dan Tarver
City of Azusa
Tamco Steel
Play Toys, Inc.
29 Palms Water Dis.
Steelco, Inc
Wadco Steel
Victory Outreach
Western Waste
Description of Work
Two building for 9 hangers
200’ clear span; 33,000 sq. ft.
12,000 sq. ft. show ring facility
2 ea. 45,000 sq. ft. bldgs, stud & stucco walls
Holding building for police CSI
2 design/build projects
Two phase offices and sanctuary
Bldg w/Stucco wall panels, tile roof panel
3 bldgs for office and equipment maintenance
Remove and replace 12,000 sq. ft. metal roof
2 Buildings for office and vehicle maintenance
2 story residence with office in Venice, Calif
2 bldgs w/rolling center sections
21,000 sq.ft. w/5 ton crane
8,000 sq. ft showroom & offices
8 Buildings of various size
39,200 sq.ft. w/cranes*
39,000 sq.ft.w/2 each 5 ton cranes*
140' clear span w/mezzanine
$3.5 Million G.C. contract
* We supplied the material only for these buildings and additionally for three buildings in Brawley for the water district and one building in Lancaster for the prison system.
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